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Other Elected Organs

Regional Management Committee

The Regional Management Committee (MYR) decides on the policies of the developmental projects and the distribution of the financing framework. The management committee is made up of 41 representatives from various regional organizations as well as from specialist quarters.

Project Financing Division

The Project Financing Division (HARA) decides on the financing proposals for the developmental projects and directs the preparation of the regional programme. It has seven members.

Land Use Division

The task of theĀ Land Use DivisionĀ is to prepare regional plans and environmentally related questions as well as make proposals for measures affecting these matters.

Archipelago Committee

The Archipelago Committee on its part participates with respect to its sphere of operations in the preparation of matters concerning planning and lobbying as well as development within the context of municipal law.

Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee makes annually a proposal of a person, association or authority who meritoriously has worked within science, arts or other cultural work in Southwest Finland, to receive the region’s cultural prize, the Aurora medal.

Committee for Bilingual Services

The Committee for Bilingual Services develops language services generally.

Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors audits finances the efficency of the administration.