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Southwest Finland in Numbers

Southwest Finland is an international region with a diverse economic structure, a fertile, rural landscape, and a unique environment, located by the Archipelago Sea. The region is constantly looking towards the future. The technological competence, the broad and high-quality education, the diverse population, culture, history, and traditions create a strong foundation for success.

Southwest Finland is one of the four regions in the country that are expected to experience population growth in the coming years. While the natives of Southwest Finland are eager to stay in their home region, the region also attracts new inhabitants from elsewhere in Finland as well as internationally, to live, study, and work here. The wide range of employers and the pleasant living environment with a reasonable cost of living are attractive to the people.

In a European context, Southwest Finland is a very typical medium-sized region, in which the larger city region is surrounded by a quite densely populated but rural-like area of influence. This is well illustrated by a comparison with other European regions.

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