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Southwest Finland has Finland’s strongest concentration of pharmaceutical research, health technology and, more broadly, Life Science, in which long-term, cutting-edge research is combined with multi-faceted business operations and knowledge in commercialisation and internationalisation.

The region delivers 95% of pharmaceuticals developed in Finland, and over 75% of Finnish pharmaceuticals exports. The excellence in the region is well illustrated by the fact that out of the 22 medicines developed and brought to market in Finland, 21 have been developed in the drug development companies in Turku. There are over 100 life science and medical companies in the region, and it has been decided that the national Drug Development Centre will be established in Turku.

Important fora for cooperation are the Health Campus Turku platform, HealthTurku cluster, Euro Bioimaging ERIC network, PET Centre, the newly established Health Hub Finland EDIH, InFLAMES Flagship project, and PRIVASA project, among others.

The focus of the regional working group is on pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, bioimaging, technology and data. Its task is to support the regional health cluster to further strengthen its international visibility, increase collaboration service capabilities, and increase data capabilities within the health sector.

For more information, contact the working group chair: Senior Executive Tero Piispanen, Turku Business Region, and +358 400 781 683.