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Here in Southwest Finland, we have creative competence, a strong cultural identity, and a willingness to create new and innovative activity. We build together a region where culture belongs to everyone, brings lifelong well-being and boosts the economic growth. In the centre of it all is multisectoral cooperation, in which networks and the civil society have a stronger role than before.

The region has a long history and a rich cultural heritage. These enhance the image and attractiveness of the region and attract tourists, inhabitants, investments, and also art, culture and tourism professionals. In Southwest Finland, high-quality cultural activities are combined with lively city culture, active local heritage work, and a creative and innovative atmosphere.

The priorities of Southwest Finland’s tourism highlight the unique opportunities in the region. The coastal area and the archipelago with their nature sites meet the rich food and city culture, combined with a pinch of history, and together these create a strong foundation for the development the tourist industry. As tourist areas, the coast, the cities, and the inland countryside with its small villages complement each other in an interesting way. The development work of the sector is done in professional networks with the principle of sustainable tourism.