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Maritime industry has long-standing traditions in Southwest Finland. For example, the shipyard in Turku that is now owned by Meyer, has nearly 300 years of history. Today, our top experts and our diverse network of subcontractors build world-class cruise ships for the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean seas.

In Southwest Finland, the Blue Economy focuses on maritime industry, seafaring, and port operations. Shipbuilding, autonomous vessels, and modern fuel systems are especially on the region’s radar. Almost 30% of Finnish maritime industry jobs and Finnish maritime industry revenue come from the region.

New innovations are being developed, for example, in battery technology and solar power vehicles. Important fora for cooperation are Technology Campus Turku, STEAM Turku project, Smart Blue Industry Park, Smart Chemistry Park, Salo IOT Campus, and also the collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute.

The focus of the regional working group is on advancing research, development, and innovations in the subject, fostering old and finding new international network memberships, and developing clean and resource efficient solutions. Its task is to strengthen the international visibility and cooperation of the region in the Blue Economy, especially to benefit small and medium-sized companies. The group is also currently active with the European Maritime Hotspots project.

For more information, please contact the working group chair.

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