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Automotive industry is part of the strong manufacturing industry in Southwest Finland. In Uusikaupunki, there has been car production for over fifty years, and the Valmet Automotive factory has delivered over 1,7 million vehicles of premium quality. Numerous car makes and models, for example, Saab, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz, have been in production. At the moment, the production focuses on Mercedes-Benz models.

As a contract manufacturer, the factory in Uusikaupunki is prepared to produce any kind of hybrid and electric vehicles. In addition to the traditional automotive manufacturing, new solutions in electric mobility are being developed, and also battery systems are in focus.

The need for battery systems and battery production capacity is continuously growing in automotive industry. Apart from the automotive industry, also the non-road mobile machinery in fields, forests and construction sites need advanced battery systems.

In 2019, Valmet Automotive was the first to establish a factory for large-scale production of batteries in Salo. As part of the car factory in Uusikaupunki, another battery factory capable to produce high volumes was established in the latter half of the year 2021. In the coming years, Valmet Automotive aims to increase the turnover of battery systems to the same level or even higher than of car production, which gives an indication of the future prospects of electric mobility.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem for the electrification of South-Western Finland will be built through cooperation of Yrityssalo and Turku Science Park. The eFlow Hub brings together and highlights the competence and business activities connected with batteries and electric mobility.

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