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Smart Specialisation Strategy S3 is a tool which is based on the politics model and the cohesion politics of European Union. The purpose of the tool is to help the regions to recognise the strong sectors of the future and build cooperation on multiple levels, along with continuous discussion which includes the public and private sectors, and the research and civil societies. The starting point of the cooperation is economic growth, inventions and innovations, and also efforts towards interregional cooperation which creates European value chains.

The Smart Specialisation Strategy of Southwest Finland complements the Regional Strategy and the Regional Programme with a detailed view into those regional growth areas where greatest promise in competitiveness and innovation are foreseen. In Southwest Finland, three priority growth areas are recognised: blue economy and renewing industries, innovative food chains, and life science and health technology. As horizontal values, these growth areas advance green transition, digitalisation, and inclusion. All priority growth areas also work to increase their capabilities in foresight.

The priorities have been defined in cooperation with the experts of the region and the related collaboration continues on several fronts, also in specific partnership groups for smart specialisation. The preparation and execution are open for the participation of business sector, research and educational organisations, the public sector, and the civil society. A specific EDP-model (Entrepreneurial Discovery Process), which is developed for this purpose and will encourage the dialog between participants, will be utilised in the implementation.

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