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Southwest Finland is known for its closeness to the sea and its unique archipelago with over 20 000 islands. The nature of Southwest Finland also consists of groves, river valleys, bogs and meadows.

In the Kuhankuono hiking area, which belongs to Kurjenrahka National Park, wilderness can be found just 35 km north of Turku. There are over 200 km of marked hiking trails. Duckboards lead through bog, mountain and forest areas. You can stroll, pick berries, swim in Savonjärvi or ski in the winter.

In Teijo National Park you can make excursions in mountain, lake, bog and forest landscapes. The closeness to the sea is refreshing. You can go hiking, biking, camping, and fishing. In Mathildedal’s ironwork village you can find a restaurant, small shops and summer theatre.